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Song lyrics Noel - Late Night

Hasn't every little Christmas wish been sent?
Have sugar plums been dancing in your head?
I hope the holidays will find you well
Oh Noel
Oh Noel

I met you in December '93
Noel been staying up the block with her mothers family
For two straight weeks we ran through snow
And kissed beneath the mistletoe
And swore our love in secret company

Hasn't every little Christmas card been sent?
Has every child been tucked into their bed?
I'm hoping that this song will find you well
Oh Noel
Oh Noel

A decade passed, and letters all but died
Ten years that saw her folks divorce and best friends suicide
I'd see her on occasion
Looking pale and petrified
I'd wave but she would only turn and cry

The embers in the fireplace are dead
The late night news reports are being read
They found you in some dirty cheap motel
But oh well, oh well

Noel, Noel, Noel
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