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Date: 8-01-2020, 14:30
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Song lyrics Migos - Culture (feat. DJ Khaled)


They try to play us, they play themselves
This the intro
For all you fuckboys that ever doubted the Migos
You played yourself! (Another one)
Fuckboy bow downSpin off in the coupe, typhoon (skrt skrt)
I act an ass, baboon
Wrappin' that dope, cocoon
Young rich nigga in the room
Finesse a nigga, no raccoon
Spending M&M's in June
Took a trip to Cancun
Culture album coming soon (Another one)Bought the Benz off the lot
Just to give your hoe a lift
I'm havin' the sauce in the refridgerator
Just make sure you bring the chips
Aye it's a fuck nigga in the back
Just look at him, look at him plot
He probably think it's the club light but really it's the red dotFucked a bitch and hit the lot (lot)
Nigga fumblin' with the pot (pot)
I put my wrist in the pot (pot)
Hit the…
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